Why Choose Us as Your Local Vet in Hornsby

Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital is the largest veterinary clinic in the Hornsby are, allowing us to provide a wide variety of services and resources for our clients. We believe you should choose us as your local vet in Hornsby, as we pride ourselves on providing professional treatment and care for all creatures large and small. Our staff at Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital pride themselves on being able to offer high quality yet affordable services for our clients.

Boarding & Grooming

Our dog and cat boarding service ensures that your animal will receive the greatest care while you’re away. All animals are supervised and cared for by our friendly and experienced staff to ensure they remain happy and healthy in a safe, secure and stress free environment.

Furthermore, our grooming services ensures your animal stays cool in the summer and maintain their winter coat in the colder months. At Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital, we offer a wide selection of grooming services, including baths, drying, nail trims and style specific clippings.

In-House Laboratory & Pathology

Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital has an in-house laboratory, which enables our experienced and qualified veterinarians to efficiently conduct pathology and diagnostic tests while you wait. This service is vital for severely ill or injured animals who require immediate or emergency care. It also saves money and time over the traditional method of sending samples away for testing.

Advanced Diaganostics Including Radiography, Ultrasound, MRI & CT Scans

Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital is able to provide professional Ultrasound, MRI & CT diagnostics for small animals onsite. We are proud to be able to make these advanced diagnostic tools available to our clients and their pets.

Small Animal & Equine Dental Services

At Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital, we understand how important consistent and effective dental care is for your animal. Our experienced team offers affordable high quality dental services for both small animals and horses.

Getting There

Hornsby Height Vet Hospital is located at 21 Ethel Street, Hornsby in New South Wales. However, we do recommend calling our friendly staff on (02) 9476 3307 to make an appointment prior to arriving.

And there’s no need to worry about finding a place to park as we offer a large car park for the convenience of you and your pets!

Rural & Remote Areas

Our professional and qualified staff at Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital have years of experience in treating and caring for horses. As your local vet in the Northern Suburbs & Upper North Shore, our staff can also travel to rural and remote areas to visit your horses for onsite treatment.

We have a portable digital x-ray system, which allows our veterinarian to generate high quality images and often provide immediate analysis on site.

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To find out more about our extensive services or why you should choose us as your local vet in Hornsby, feel free to give our friendly team a call on (02) 9476 3307 or email us at [email protected].

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