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In the search for your ideal vet hospital, we believe that animals and their owners should expect exceptional service paired with high-quality care. At Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital, we combine experience with modern equipment to provide a world-class animal hospital. We’ve successfully reached our goal of assembling a veterinary team that’s committed to providing personalised care to each patient, creating a reputable veterinary practice that offers a broad scope of products and services.

What You Can Expect from Us as Your Veterinary Hospital

Just like humans, animals require medical attention at least once throughout their lives. Your unwavering love for our pets compels you to find an adequate Hornsby veterinary hospital that can provide the very best treatment for your animals while dealing with stressed owners.

  • Cleanliness is an essential factor in a veterinary hospital as it indicates the level of professionalism within the establishment. The last thing any pet owner wants is to take a pet to the vet, only for it to come back with an infection. The overall appearance of a vet practice communicates how they conduct business, and a clean examination room and reception area shows a good level of hygiene. Although smells are common in an animal hospital, we believe making a good first impression is essential.
What You Can Expect from Our Veterinary Hospital
  • Our team of assistants are always ready to listen to each of our client’s concerns. Our level of compassion for both animals and their owners shows the care and support we provide to our clients. We give our undivided attention while handling your pet so you can rest assured knowing your animal is well taken care of. Our passion for animals shines through in everything we do. From diagnosing to prescribing medicine and action plans in the future, we strive to provide only the best for your pet.
  • A great vet’s practice must possess empathy when dealing with specific situations. Our team shows genuine understanding when faced with a tough decision and show care and respect to all animals. Our experience has taught us how to comfort pet owners with difficult decisions and provide transparent communication throughout their visit.
  • A veterinarian and fellow staff members must show patience to each client. As patience manifests in different ways, an excellent vet should adapt to unique situations accordingly. Animals with differing temperaments, conditions, and personalities are all characteristics that vets deal with that require tolerance.

What You Should Know About Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Pet Microchipping

We offer a comprehensive offering for domestic and farm animals.

  • Microchipping. Responsible pet ownership includes identification and traceability, should your pet go missing. Microchipping your animal provides them with the best possible chance of reuniting with you through a permanent identification. The microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and is a relatively quick and painless procedure. We implant the chip just under the skin in-between the animals’ shoulder blades, which we program with your details and register on a database.
  • De-sexing. More commonly referred to as spay for females and neutering for males, de-sexing involves removing a portion of the animal’s reproductive system. We recommend de-sexing to avoid unwanted litters, help control behavioural disorders, and eliminate male dogs or cats’ roaming. There are also medical benefits of spaying and neutering. If performed before the animal turns two, spaying can reduce the risk of tumours of the mammary glands and ovaries, where castration can avoid prostate disease and testicular cancer.
  • Grooming. A well-cared-for pet is a happy pet. Eyes free from hair, healthy skin, trimmed nails, and clean teeth makes for a more comfortable and well-behaved pet. Neglecting to groom an animal can lead to several adverse conditions that could lead to expensive vet bills. Long hair can lead to skin conditions and matting, which are both painful and can restrict movement. Overgrown nails can cause infections as well as discomfort when walking. Ticks and fleas can irritate your pet and get into the furniture and carpets in your home. Regular grooming will keep your pet in good condition and lead to a better quality of life.

Why Trust Us Regarding Animal Surgery

Equipped with state-of-the-art onsite tools and an experienced team, we provide tailored animal treatment for your pet. For more information on what services we offer, contact us.

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