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The Importance of Puppy Vaccinations

Give your new best friend a healthy start. Protect against possibly severe or fatal diseases by vaccinating early on and get a thorough medical examination once a year.

  • Defend your puppy against parvovirus, hepatitis, canine distemper, and kennel cough. Mother’s milk provides antibodies that fight disease and provide immunity during the first few weeks. Vaccination is essential at six to eight, 12 to 14, and 16 to 18 weeks because the maternal antibodies are temporary, and pups need to develop their own immunity to protect them into adulthood.
  • It is crucial to desex your dog if you do not intend to breed it. As is the case with ensuring good health via dog vaccinations, this is the responsible way to go. We sterilise pups from eight weeks. The operation is straightforward, recovery is quick, and it has positive behavioural and health benefits.
The Importance of Puppy Vaccinations
  • Other essential preventative treatments include frequent deworming and shielding against ticks and fleas, dental examinations to keep teeth and gums healthy, weight control, and regular exercise.

Groom and check your pet frequently to ensure all is well. Check the ears and eyes for signs of infection, the coat and skin for sores, lumps, and parasites. Monitor nutritional intake, urination frequency, and defecation consistency. See your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Problems Kitten Vaccinations Address

Pet Vaccinations Hornsby

Avert feline upper respiratory tract infection or cat flu. Vaccinate against feline herpes and feline calicivirus that may cause lifelong health issues even if your cat survives.

  • Many diseases affecting cats are contagious. Protect against feline enteritis or parvovirus, leukaemia virus, immunodeficiency virus, and others. Cat vaccinations are essential. Your kitten should receive these crucial shots between six and eight weeks, at 12 and 16 weeks, and annually.
  • Required pest and weight control, deworming, nutrition, desexing, dental care, and general health checks by you and your vet are similar to what dogs need to ensure a healthy, happy, vibrant animal.
  • Microchip your dog and cat as it is a legal requirement in Australia. Update your details to make sure your companion will return to you via this permanent form of identification. The procedure is quick and causes little discomfort.

Your new pet needs to undergo toilet and behaviour training to turn it into a source of pleasure. It ought to play, exercise, rest comfortably, eat a healthy diet, and get regular examinations to ensure optimal health. Talk to us if you need advice on how to care for your animal.

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