Pet Microchipping

Value and Guard Your Fur Friend with Pet Microchipping

Our pets, whether cats, dogs, hamsters or rabbits, are part of our families. They share our joy and our pain, they lick away the stress of a long day, and they cuddle during cold nights. The unconditional love of a pet can’t be underestimated, and having a friendly face at home at the end of the day is priceless. Giving these wonderful companions of us the best possible life is an essential. Pet microchipping, does just that – ensure your details can be scanned in the case your companion strays.

Common Mistakes People Make with Animal Microchipping

As our fur friends look to us for food and love, so they look to us humans to protect them and provide them with a safe, happy environment in which to flourish.

  • Choosing a register that is used widely within your neighbourhood and community, will ensure the chip is searchable on the major databases and has a higher success rate on being reunited with its owner.
  • Taking your car into a reputable car workshop means value, and the reliability of the brand. Taking your fur friend to a reputable veterinarian is the same, treating them like the precious being they are.
  • Keeping the register updated with your most recent information, whether you’ve changed address or telephone number, add the vet to the list of places to update your personal information. A microchip with old info with delays the joyous unification between you and your pet.
cat at the couch

The Importance of Dog Microchipping

puppy at park

Playtime at the park should be carefree and happy, for both owner and puppy. Whether it’s dog or cat microchipping, here’s why it’s important to get your fur friend microchipped:

  • We, as guardians to our fur kids, are responsible to keep them safe and to ensure that should they disappear or stray they’re returned to us.
  • Microchipping does just that, it’s a small chip with the owner’s details implanted into your loved one. A painless and easy procedure.
    Each microchip has an identity number attached to it, with the pet’s characteristics e.g., black coat, with blue eyes. The chip is inserted with a hypodermic needle near the dog’s shoulder.
  • Proving a dog belongs to you, is likely the worst-case scenario, but it’s better to be prepared. In the case that your pet gets taken, a microchip registered with your updated info is an easy way to prove the ownership of the pet.

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