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Our Trusted Vet Clinic Offers Reliable and Affordable Pet Care, Grooming and Boarding

We know how important your companion animal is to you. These days, more than ever, our beloved pets are keeping our spirits up, providing companionship, hours of joy and fun, and loads of unconditional love.

That’s why, when your animal friend needs medical attention, you’ll want to provide them with the best possible care. Our conveniently located vet clinic offers advice, preventative healthcare, state of the art diagnostic equipment and mindset, and up to date and compassionate treatment and care.

The Benefits of Your Local Veterinary Clinic

Most of us think of our pets and large companion animals as close family, even children, and strive to give them the best possible homes, nutrition and care. However, to make sure your pets stay healthy well into their old age, registering with and regularly visiting your local vet in North Sydney will help you provide your animal friend with:

  • The best start: Ensuring our puppies, kittens, or other baby animals get evaluated is essential, especially if they are adopted or rescues. Your pet’s check-up will reveal any problems early, vaccinate against various serious illnesses, and treat against fleas and ticks. Your vet will also advise you on the best nutrition for growing babies, feeding schedules, and sensible preventative health measures to further protect your new pet from life’s dangers, such as secure properties, responsible transport and travel, and guidance on introducing new pets to multi-pet households, for example.
  • Health, happiness and fun: As your pet grows, so their needs will develop and change, from being sterilised to avoid unwanted pregnancies, to changing diet, to toys, collars and leads, to annual check-ups and booster vaccinations. There may be tumbles, tussles and injuries requiring treatment or surgery, in which case you’ll look to your trusted vet and their team to take the best care of your pet during therapy and recovery.
  • A good, long life: Sadly, our pets will age faster than we do, meaning that in time – but not too soon, they will start to require additional health care, food developed specifically for older pets (for joints, digestion, urinary or kidney challenges), an increased need for medications, routine check-ups or even palliative care later on.
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  • A peaceful, pain-free passing: When the time comes to say goodbye, you’ll want to know that your pet is with a professional who understands them, knows you and is caring and compassionate.

The benefits of your companion animals to you are numerous, including lowering blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels and encouraging you to get up, go out and exercise. Importantly, pets provide so much joy and love, helping to prevent loneliness and depression.

What Sets Us Apart as Your Hornsby Veterinary Clinic

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We offer general medical services – routine health check-ups, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and tick protection, sterilisation, other elective surgery, and pet care wellness advice. Our world-class facilities and services include:

  • State of the art, in-house equipment and laboratory: We provide cutting-edge diagnoses, analyses and treatment options through on-site access to the latest technology and our in-house pathology laboratory. Our clinic offers digital radiology on-site plus portable digital x-ray equipment for home or rural visits. We can provide ultrasound, MRI, and CT diagnostics, especially crucial in time-sensitive emergencies. In addition, our well-equipped vet hospital offers hi-tech digital fluid infusion pumps for controlling IV fluid rate, SurgiVet monitoring equipment measuring heart and respiration rate, pulse, temperature, blood pressure and more and a power float for superior equine dentistry. You can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands.
  • Day care, boarding and grooming: In addition to medical and healthcare services, our vet in Hornsby can also take care of you, and your pet’s happiness and security through doggy day care, boarding when you can’t be at home or are on holiday, and grooming to ensure your baby feels and looks good. Our grooming service includes brushing, trimming, washing, drying and styling, and nail trimming. Our clinic and boarding facilities are air-conditioned in the hot months and heated during the cooler months to ensure your animal is always comfortable.
  • House calls: We understand that it isn’t always possible for you and your pet to come to us, whether it’s because you don’t have transport, are housebound, or your companion animal is a horse or other large animal. We can do a house call to assist with elderly or house bound pets.
  • Reliable referrals: While our team is well-qualified and highly experienced, sometimes a pet will require specialist assessment. In this case, where a referral is required, we work closely with a network of trusted oncologists, orthopaedic surgeons, dermatologists and neurologists.
  • Preventative care: Our primary goal is to keep your pet as healthy as possible, hopefully avoiding medical attention for as long as possible. We provide pet care advice and guidance to keep it this way, including animal nutrition, behavioural advice, and pet weight loss programmes.

We are a family run clinic with family pets, and animals are our life. So, whether you’re looking for a vet clinic in Wahroonga or a vet clinic in Turramurra, you can trust us with your beloved animals. We go out of our way to make sure your precious friend is comfortable, stress-free, secure and happy.

The Importance of a Dental from Our Vet Clinic

One of the most crucial services veterinarians perform for small and large animals is dental. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning are vital, even daily tooth brushing. Poor gum health and tooth problems can be signs of serious disease and cause severe illness if untreated. So, we recommend your companion animal receive a dental at least once a year. Here’s why:

  • Conditions that cause dental issues: Just like you, your pet’s teeth need cleaning and attention. It may seem strange, but they too can develop plaque, cavities and gum disease. Some of the conditions we see are structural – tooth or jaw misalignment, congenital – cleft palate defects, accident-related – broken teeth or jaw, or pathological, such as infections, abscesses, cysts, periodontal disease and tumours.
  • Conditions caused by dental disease: In the case of structural or accident-related issues, your vet can often repair or remedy these. Of more concern are gum disease, infections and other serious ailments, resulting in systemic problems, including organ damage and failure over time. Heart, liver or kidney disease, or permanent damage and bone loss.
    The overall picture: Apart from injury or disease, tooth and gum conditions cause pain. In addition to pain, dental difficulties can cause your pet to eat less or stop eating – albeit they’re hungry, which will have serious knock-on effects. Of course, your pet will also be unhappy, and that’s not something you or we want.
  • Dental procedure: Routine dental exams are easy and pain-free for your companion or large animal, comprising a quick look in the mouth to understand tooth and gum conditions. Even if your pet’s teeth look relatively trouble-free, your trusted vet may recommend tooth scaling (cleaning) and, in some cases, tooth extraction. These procedures are typically conducted under a general anaesthetic to avoid unnecessary stress and pain for your pet and keep your pet still, especially if x-rays are required.
  • Equine dental: We have many years of experience with our beautiful equine friends and know that a dental is especially essential for your equine companion. Horse owners need to pay particular attention to their equine companion’s feed and environment to ensure the health of their teeth, gums, cheeks and mouth. Although it may usually be more challenging to address equine dental issues due to transport concerns, we are in a position to come to you and your animal. We have a portable x-ray system so we can examine, analyse and diagnose right where you are.

So please make a habit of booking a dental for each of your pets at least once a year. Of course, pets can develop acute or chronic conditions in between annual appointments. In this case, some signs that your pet may have dental issues include visibly discoloured, lose or broken teeth, swelling around or bleeding from the mouth. Less obvious signs include bad breath, unusual drooling or dribbling, irritability, pawing at the mouth, reluctance to eat or difficulty chewing, making noises while eating or yawning, even nasal discharge or sneezing.

If you’re unsure, a reliable rule of thumb for knowing when your pet needs medical evaluation and assistance is when your pet shows any signs of unusual or changed behaviour. Always exercise caution when examining your companion animal, yourself, especially when looking inside the mouth, as your pet may not appreciate it, especially if their mouth is sore and may bite or scratch.

About Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

We are a small vet clinic providing professional, personalised, and compassionate care for all companions and large animals.

As a member of the Australian Veterinarian Association, our doctors and TAFE qualified nursing staff provide appropriate, professional care at affordable prices. In addition, we stock an extensive range of quality pet food and products to make sure your pet received age-appropriate nutrition, toys, treats and is kept safe and warm with pet collars, leads, jerseys, beds and blankets.

We’re close enough to be your local Asquith vet, Berowra vet, your trusted vet in North Turramurra, or your preferred vet in Westleigh. For your convenience, we are open Monday to Friday from nine am to seven pm, and Saturdays from nine am to two pm, with more than enough parking and easy access to the clinic for you and your pet. In addition, visit our Pet Care page, where we provide handy hints on your animal companion’s health and advice on puppy and kitten care and look out for our special offers and promotions.

So, if you’re ready to provide your fluffy friend with the best in healthcare, contact us to make your appointment or for more information. We would love to hear from you.

We’d love to hear from you

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