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Stay in Control with Our Pet Desexing Services

If you’re concerned that your beloved Boxer or treasured Toby is sexually mature and is at risk of procreation, which is not part of your plans, we offer pet desexing services for your peace of mind. Perhaps your prized pet has already had a litter that you’ve bonded with but had to endure the eventual heartache of them leaving and don’t want to repeat the experience? We are here to spay your cat or dog so you can enjoy the rest of their days hassle and stress free.

What You Can Expect from Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Your pet’s wellbeing is our number one concern and we make this happen by offering products and services to ensure that a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit. We offer clinical yet caring services where we offer skilled veterinary services, such as kitten and puppy desexing with a human touch. Below are some examples of what you can anticipate from us:

  • Cat and Dog desexing: We are qualified and skilled in removing the reproductive organs of cats and dogs. Whether you’re planning on desexing your long-time companion or recent rescue, you can trust us to conduct the dog or cat desexing competently.
  • Full surgical facilities and equipment: We stock a comprehensive inventory of veterinary tools to conduct a range of procedures for your pet. Our technologically advanced equipment includes a digital x-ray machine to pick up the slightest damage to your furry friend’s bone or tissue. Our animal hospital is also equipped with ultrasound, SurgiVet monitoring equipment and digital fluid infusion pumps.
Pet Desexing Hornsby
  • Fully equipped boarding and grooming: Have your dog or cat looking clean and prim with our grooming services. Perhaps you only own one dog, and they suffer from separation anxiety? Maybe you’re the anxious one, worrying about what your puppies might do to your sofa while you’re away? We come to the rescue by providing a doggy day care, so both you and your puppy stay sane.

What Sets Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital Apart

Cat Desexing

Whether a great Dane or miniature Schnauzer, we cater to any size pet and should you need to spay your dog or cat, these are some of the value-added services we offer:

  • Heated or Air-Conditioned Hospital Ward & Boarding. Being on an operating table is traumatising enough during puppy or kitten desexing, and we wouldn’t want to aggravate this experience by exposing your pet to a cold ward. We keep our animal hospital rooms at appropriate temperatures to ward off the risk of hypothermia or even overheating.
  • Pickup and Drop off Home Services. We offer clients this convenience because we know that even though it’s not a question of how much time you have, most animals don’t travel well, especially when they’re ill. This service provides comfort knowing that your pet is in good hands with our experienced staff. Perhaps you don’t have a car or are of the age where you rely on family to get around? Let us come to you with our house call service.
  • Professional and affordable. Our accomplished and passionate vet regularly attends seminars to keep abreast of industry advancements. This continuous professional development lets her treat the pets in her care most progressively and ethically. We’re also staffed with TAFE qualified nurses who work side by side with the rest of our efficient and friendly team.

What You Stand to Gain When You use Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Besides standard veterinary practices and procedures, we encourage a healthy lifestyle for your cat or dog by providing a wide range of quality food. We extend this service by offering animal nutrition and behavioural advice. Does your Bulldog, Gorgeous George, gorge on his food? Or is your Labrador, Porky’s eating style to pig out? We tailor-make weight loss programs to get your pet back to health, ensuring their longevity.

We also provide tick, flea and worm control. Furthermore, we can microchip your pet so that you never have to worry about Bella or Max not making their way back home to you.

Contact us for outstanding spaying and neutering services and pet care that goes beyond the call of duty.

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